Energy Saving Plan at Hotels 2022

Energy Saving Plan

Energy Saving Plan at Hotels 2022


Energy-saving plan in commercial, public, and industrial is becoming a very important and necessary element that can not be avoided.

The concern of the main owners, Management is to consider the Energy-saving plan subject as one of the primary criteria in a new and built project.




Objectives of the Energy saving plan studies  

  • The main objectives of the energy-saving study is to perform a detailed examination of the different parts, sections, and systems of the hotel and come out with solutions that will induce a decrease in the use of energy thus diminishing the total energy costs.
  • To make available to the hotel operators the information on which they can act to significantly reduce energy consumption in their properties without affecting present guest service and comfort.

Organization and implementation of an energy-saving program

Energy action group

We must organize an energy action group.

General Manager is the only person whose responsibility extends to the energy aspect of the hotel operation, so he should take personal charge of the energy action group.

Energy is consumed in every department, so energy action group must include every department head or his appointed representative

The program will involve regular and sustained checking for compliance a job for which the general Manager will rarely have the time, next time shows the consistency of the energy action group.

Meeting Of The Energy Action Group

Purpose of energy action group.

  • Explain the seriousness of the situation and 1st the entire staff know that the failure to control rising prices could have serious implications
  • Make it clear that energy conservation is the only available option
  • Describe the actions, which are being planned to implement the program.
  • Define responsibility.
  • Indicate a preliminary objective stated in terms of percent reduction of energy consumption.
  • Follow up the meeting quickly with a memo reviewing the main points for those who attended.
  • This meeting will be done on monthly basis.

Main reception


  • the bar must be switched off Before leaving, all lights must be off.
  • All equipment except refrigerators must be switched off

Air Conditioning :

  • At 12 pm all A/C must be switched  off



  • Switch off the guest room lighting when is not occupied.
  • A Minimum lighting usage when making up the cleaning of the rooms.
  • Try to use natural lighting if possible
  • Switch off the lighting of the linen room, storage room back and back area when are not in use.
  • Specified instructions for all housemen to shut off T.V, A/C, and lights in no occupied rooms.

Air Condition

  • Keep all the curtains, windows closed in the guest rooms.
  • A/C units must be off when the rooms are not occupied

General notes:-

  • Sealing the cracks around windows.
  • Checking door closed mechanisms.
  • Checking the broken glass.
  • Checking the sanitary system & prevent any leakage.



  • All lights must be off before leaving
  • switch off all lights after times of operation
  • Switch off the heater after the meal times
  • Reduce the lights after midnight

Air Conditioning :

  • During operation only A/C to be on.


  • Switch off lighting while leaving the office or after duty hours
  • All A/C units must be switched off when nobody is in his office.
  • Before leaving the offices switch off all the equipment’s


  • 10-30 Minutes is enough for preheating of the ovens, steam cookers, Grills, Fryers
  • When preheating set the thermostat at the desired temperature
  • Ensure that the thermostat is properly functioning if not call the kitchens technicians
  • Try to use the compete for capacity from any equipment generally will save the energy
  • Don’t leave the oven door open

          ( 1 second means 1% waste )

  • Call the maintenance group for any defects
  • All the pans must be closed during cooking
  • Turn off the equipment’s which are not needed
  • During low working hours, reduce the lights
  • 10-Keep the doors of cold rooms always closed if any defects call the  maintenance group
  •  keep the ice machines doors closed as possible
  •  Check the leakage in the drains and call the maintenance if any
  • Close the taps which are not used
  •  All refrigerators must be properly sealed, if any defects call the
    maintenance group

– If any defects in extraction or ventilation, you must inform the maintenance group

  • Ensure that all ovens thermostat are adjusted and functioning
  • Check the leakage of water in pans and prevent it.
  • Ensure that the dishwasher work on full load.
  • Checking the insulation of hot water and cold water.
  • Check the leakage in steam cookers and prevent it.
  • Install a new indicating lamp for the heater on/off.
  • Repair all taps or water mixers to prevent water leakage.
  • Check the water leakage in the dishwasher machine.



  • Shut off all lights in rooms that are not physically occupied.

Air Conditioning

  • Windows and doors must be closed during hot and cold periods.
  • Specials instructions for the houseman to switch off the guest rooms when it is not occupied
  • Close the rooms, curtains to avoid sun heat


  • Give quick information in case of water leakage.
  • Check all the tapes and showers for its proper condition.


Air Conditioning

  • A/C must shut off when having no operation.

Technical rooms and workshops

  • The lighting to be 50% all over the day.
  • Make sure that any equipment is off after the work had been finished
  • Repair any leakage on the spot.
  • Check the extraction and ventilation and operate them according to the special schedule of work..
  • Check all equipment electric connections and its proper functioning.


  • Cooling hot food for several minutes before placing in refrigeration or freezer.
  • Instruct the staff to minimize frequency and length of time when. refrigeration or freezer doors are opened.
  • Install push button door switch to ensure that the lights are turned off after use.
  • Draw up a regular schedule for fan and condenser cleaning and compressor checkup.
  • Cleaning fans and plates of condenser and evaporator as per the p.m. program.
  • Ensuring that blower coil is free of ice building up and dust.
  • Ensuring that doors are closed automatically.
  • Maintenance of door gaskets and seals must be done periodically.
  • Check the insulation of the refrigerant pipes.


  • Specific way of irrigation must be followed to save the water.
  • Special instructions for the staff to take care of all the agricultural areas

Swimming pool

  • Leave half sets of the S. Pool circulation system from 7.00 PM till 7.00 AM and off the rest
  • Cleaning of Skimmer and pump strainer baskets frequently.
  • Add disinfecting in the early morning or late in the day to prevent excessive loss by the sun’s burn-off.
  • Keep deck areas clean to reduce chemical and filtering requirements

Cold Water System

  • Repair leaks in the water piping system.
  • Repair dripping faucets and showerheads and continuously running toilets.
  • It is necessary to adjust the mechanical and electrical system for the water level tank.

Air Handling Unit

  1. Checking the air filters unit & changing it.
  2. Checking & readjust the damper motor unit
  3. Shut off the unit which is not needed and follow the working
  4. Seal the leaking of air around the coil casing, access doors, and joints.
  5. Cleaning the cooling coil.
  6. Checking fan speed against design condition.


  • Assign the responsibility for turning the lights on & off.
  • Using outside air when possible to reduce the cooling system load.
  • Setting up a schedule for cleaning or replacing.
  • Keeping doors closed to minimize entry of unsold air.

Setting thermostats for temperature in summer & winter


  • The lighting Schedule must be considered.
  • Turn off lights in occupied equipment rooms, shops, storage rooms.
  • Make individual switches in multiple installations to show which. lights are to be turned out when not needed.
  • Consider using fluorescent lamps where practicable.
  • Relamp with lower wattage lamp.
  • The special study must be done to change lamps by another which has the same efficiency & less power